The Essence of Wedding Photography

In addition to clothing, wedding photos and photo are different, what is the difference?
There are new couples who want to come to Germany for a trip, and the sisters have confirmed that they are all in the circle of friends of Teacher Gong Linna. I have not asked the outside world to ask such a question: What is the difference between wedding photos and photobooks besides clothing?
This question is quite straightforward. Isn’t the wedding photo a wedding dress? Too straight to say, can be. The photo can also be a wedding photo without a wedding dress.
Well, this happy twist body is really what we mean, let’s talk slowly, the question you ask, crying and listen to it!
Let me first say what the wedding photos I understand.
The first is a box of equipment. Includes two body and multiple fixed focus zoom lenses, as well as a flash. Canon’s full SLR invincible three, dual card storage photos at the same time, the battery is spare. Cameras, lenses, memory cards, and batteries are at least two sets to ensure that they are technically flawless. Basically, I am pulling a car and accompanying you to the ground.
As a female photographer whose biceps are never strong enough, I hope that I can take pictures with only one machine and one mirror. Go out and play with yourself, digital devices only carry mobile phones. but,
Is it necessary to take a wedding dress for a wedding dress? One meter of skirt should be made into three meters, three meters to be made into five meters, super wide angle can not bring? No.
Shooting a portrait of a small wide angle 35mm1.4 set the second generation of the best quality, long legs still not shot? Have to bring.
50mm 1.2 is the header, the focus is good, this can not be less.
85mm 1.2 is the best portrait head, color and clarity are good, you must have a big photo.
Need to take a close-up of the ring? Do you want to bring a 100mm fixed macro?
In addition, the zoom head of the same focal length is used to prevent accidents.
Inadvertently prompted the unfamiliar equipment of the basin friends, any of the singles here are expensive and high with love crazy. The car mentioned earlier is what this means. How are you, we are quite serious about your marriage, how about you?
I wrote so much and talked about equipment. I am not an equipment party. I use so many equipment just to ensure the need for shooting. These devices are quantitative investments, which are the best explained costs, but also the smallest cost, the most primitive effort. It’s not too difficult to collect these devices and even learn to use them. The difficulty is aesthetics, creativity, continuous pursuit of the best, and the constant pursuit of the most natural and beautiful style. To be continued…

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