Love remains


Time passes, love remains. I'll capture that with heart for you.

Guoling is the photographer and founder of Guoling Photography. She has grown up in China, studied in Germany and the USA with an MBA degree, worked in a Multinational Enterprise in Munich. Slowly she discovered that photography is her passion. In 2012, she founded Guoling Photography in Munich, Germany and focus on photographing people. Since then she has captured the most beautiful day of their lives in pictures for countless couples and accompanied them on the way to the town hall, the church or at the celebration. In her work, it is particularly important in capturing emotions and making them as authentic as possible in her pictures. The love between the couples, in the family, among friends or love to oneself are their main motives. Photography is still her great love. Time passes, love remains. This is documented by her with heart for you.


  • Martin

  • Cameraman, Sound Engineer, Projektmanager for Online Broadcasting
  • Media Information Master from an Elite University in Germany. More than ten years experience in the media branch, took care of customers as Escada, MunichRe, Allianz, Siemens, FC Bayern, etc.

  • Xiaoye

  • Assistant and Graphic Designer
  • Master in Graphic Design from an Elite Arts Academy in China

  • Alex

  • Studio Manager
  • professional Photographer, years of experience in photography



Natural Authentic Beautiful
Beautiful, everyone wants to be so. What is pretty to your mind? Nice clothes? Top styled? 18 years old and size 36 in D Cup? Yes, that's right. But that alone does not make pretty photos. Much more important is your confidency. Yes, an insecure "I want to be someone else" face can be seen and even very obvious. That betrayes anything but beautiful.
The fact is, most of my adult customers are quite shy at the beginning of the shoot , no matter how "beautiful" she is. Yes, life is not easy. So many disturbances of opinion accompany our growing up. When we look at ourselves, we look at with thousands of eyes of the others. But that does not matter. Together ith us you will discover that you are pretty enough and unique. We believe everyone is a star.
Be yourself, be beautiful!

Time passes,love remains. Capture your love with heart.