Customerstory: Emily’s rich dad

I have known XX and QQ for many years. When I was a photography enthusiast, they were the models around me. For the first time in my photography career, we all experienced together, and the first wedding photo was taken by them.

The first wedding photo in 2012, has been upgraded to professional equipment, invincible rabbit plus two red circle heads and 50mm 1.4, QQ bought a wedding dress, we together DIY shape.
This photo is full of happiness and I like it very much now. Although the overall shape and the later stage are relatively simple, the pursuit is the natural beauty that we have been adhering to since then.
2012 photo, the first cherry goddess QQ. In the cold weather of April, I took photos under this cherry tree for the first time, and then I went to shoot almost every year.

Over the years I have moved from company employees to independent photographers, and the photographic equipment has been upgraded from the Canon 450D ferrule to the Canon 5DIII red circle. Counting, we experienced a big belly photo, newborn, hundred sunshine, two travel, professional studio shot… this gradually The two small families of the two have witnessed the shooting of almost all products in various periods since I was engaged in photography.

In June 2012, a trip to Switzerland, a highland near Interlaken, and a mountain outside the mountain, QQXX sat watching the clouds.
The first time I saw Yaoyao in the hospital in 2013, it was a snowy day. The novice parents set the schedule for their grandparents, but the eager baby arrived in advance to catch everyone off guard. XX has changed the diaper in a model, and the bedside is the salad and a piece of black bread provided by the hospital. These foods are very challenging for my understanding of the moon meal, but QQ does not seem to be care.
After the mother’s careful feeding, the 100-day faint sister has grown a tire, the flowers I picked from the roadside, leaving a trace of summer.
What is the egg under the chicken? egg! What is the egg under the duck? Duck eggs! What about Yaoyao? Yao egg! This is the dialogue between Yao and Yao when he was two years old. In the same year, the little baby like a kitten in the hospital has grown into a four-year-old small machine that speaks three languages and is very socially talented!
The kitten has become a big kitty, calm and still.
In order to prevent re-production, we specially arranged this big belly to shoot. Yaoyao is a big prop for power. Everything is ready, the grandfather’s grandmother’s ticket is also set before the expected date of birth, I left to pick the right set of several men’s baby clothes, just waiting for the birth of the two treasures.
Wait, wait, Tommy baby is late. XX used the calmest tone to tell the story of the small family’s experience when his son was born. The grandmother said that he was distressed, and QQ was still in the air. Carefully selected blankets and newborn suits arrived in time before taking pictures, and came to the debut with Tommy.
The little Tommy of the hundred days also grew into a Michelin baby. In order not to hurt the baby’s eyes, we did not use flashing lights when taking pictures.
Half a year old, the baby’s lame era. The story of a small family to be continued…

How do these two old customers comment on the Guoling Photography Studio and what advice can they give?
What kind of viewpoint can XX give as a photographer with a full-frame camera from the perspective of photography?
You take a lot of photos every year, and you have to do a family photo album. It has been done for several years.
What do you think?

At the beginning, the shop that printed it always sent us a coupon after the birthday of Yaoyao. I didn’t do a few books and felt that I had lost a lot of money, so I went to the thief boat. Later, in the circle of friends, I posted a photo album every year, indirectly kidnapping us, not doing it seems to owe everyone a debt. Just kidding, in fact, the children are growing too fast, so I don’t want to record them soon. I’m afraid I won’t be late. For these albums, everyone’s reaction is very consistent: I also want to do it, but I don’t know how to do it. In fact, it is not difficult technically, mainly because of the usual accumulation. Usually, the ratings have been classified well. In the end, the photo album is actually very fast. It is not as good as the squid and the net. It is very important to take the first step.

What do you think about the style and characteristics of the photography studio of Guoling?
How do you feel when you take pictures with us?
What photos do you like?

The capture of character features is in place, with good sights throughout the year, and the photo atmosphere is relaxed. I like too many photos, and my friends circle a lot. We have taken so many times, how do you think the process and time of shooting baby photos and family portraits are best controlled? It is necessary to communicate in advance to draft a time schedule, and which sets of clothes should be used in a few scenes to avoid taking up too much time in a certain scene.

Is the current photographic equipment satisfactory?
Is there any difference between the cheap equipment and the previous ones?

Now the lens is the fixed focus of Canon’s red circle, and the filming effect is definitely guaranteed. The good lens effect is of course different.

What are the requirements for the late photo?

Everyone’s aesthetic is not the same, mainly because the basics are guaranteed. Different styles are just right from the sample. The badminton Olympic champion Li Xueyan’s studio shot XX has also experienced.

What do you think of our all-round creative portrait?

The team of creative portraits is very strong, Li Xueyan is also very satisfied, and the other side of her can be captured so quickly in front of unfamiliar photographers is very valuable. Now everyone has a mobile phone, some families have bought a camera, and XX has taken pictures of themselves.

Do you think it is necessary to find a professional photographer to take pictures?

Of course it is necessary. Consumption upgrades are a major trend that our generation is experiencing. The problem now is not that there is not enough money, but how much money should be spent, how can we improve our quality of life. Amateur use of mobile phones or SLR cameras can send out a circle of friends, brush the sense of presence, but leave the classic photos that never go away, I can only rely on reliable professional photographers. When I was seven and eighty, I would like to come up with a photo album. The classic photos of one sheet remind me of my past, the growth of my children, not a book, telling me how many bank deposits there are. Some money, not spending now, there will be no chance in the future.

Many customers like your photos. What are the secrets of your photos that can be taken in addition to the high value?
Especially with your baby?

The secret is to find a good photographer like Guoling, haha. Closer to home, in fact, as long as everyone is prepared with care, they can shoot very well. Take time out and everything will come to fruition.

What do you think is the most important thing about taking pictures?
Is there any need for improvement and improvement in Guoling Studio?

The most important thing for a person to look at is to make the model natural and relaxed. The most authentic thing is the best. There is nothing technically ok to say. There are a lot of potential consumers. Many people are not short of money now, but they don’t know what they need and they are not refined enough. Trying to help these people find their own needs is the focus of the future.

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